ukeysoft file lock 12.4

Secure Your Files with UkeySoft File Lock 12.4


In today’s digital age, it is essential to protect our sensitive and confidential files from unauthorized access. UkeySoft File Lock 12.4 is a powerful software program designed to secure your files and keep them safe from prying eyes. Let’s delve into its features, usability, and overall performance.


UkeySoft File Lock 12.4 offers a range of impressive features that make it an excellent choice for file protection. Here are some notable highlights:
  • Locking and Hiding Files: With this program, you can effortlessly lock and hide any file or folder on your computer. This feature ensures that your confidential data remains inaccessible to unauthorized individuals.
  • Password Protection: You can set a password to safeguard your files, providing an additional layer of security. This ensures that only authorized users with the correct password can access your protected files.
  • Encrypting Files: UkeySoft File Lock 12.4 offers advanced file encryption capabilities, allowing you to convert your files into encrypted versions. This feature ensures that even if someone manages to access your files, they will be unable to decipher the contents without the encryption key.
  • Cloud Drive Protection: The program also supports protecting files stored in cloud drives such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive. This ensures that your files are safe, even if they are stored outside your computer.
  • USB Drive Protection: UkeySoft File Lock 12.4 allows you to protect files stored on USB drives or other portable storage devices. This feature is beneficial for those who frequently carry important files on external drives.


UkeySoft File Lock 12.4 provides a simple and intuitive interface, making it easy for users of all levels to secure their files effectively. Upon launching the program, you are greeted with a clean and organized layout, with all the necessary features readily accessible. The process of locking or hiding files and setting passwords is straightforward. You can easily navigate through the program’s various options to customize your file protection settings. The program also offers helpful tooltips and an extensive user guide to assist you in case you encounter any difficulties.


UkeySoft File Lock 12.4 performs admirably in terms of both speed and efficiency. Locking and unlocking files or folders is nearly instantaneous, ensuring that you don’t waste precious time waiting for the program to respond. The program’s encryption algorithm is robust, providing a high level of security for your files. Even large files are encrypted efficiently without noticeable slowdowns or performance issues. The integration with cloud drives and USB devices also enhances its versatility, allowing you to protect files across multiple storage platforms.


UkeySoft File Lock 12.4 is a reliable and user-friendly software program that offers robust file protection features. With its ability to lock, hide, and encrypt files, as well as protect cloud and USB drive files, it provides comprehensive security for your sensitive data. Whether you are an individual user or a business professional, this program is a valuable asset in safeguarding your files from unauthorized access.